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Data, Evidence & Sustainability Appraisal

Robust evidence is needed to underpin the identification of issues & options, and this should include assessments of options included in a draft Plan. At BPP Consulting, we ensure that evidence documents are written in a manner that helps officers, members and consultees understand the different options and their relative impacts, including an appraisal of the options which draws together conclusions from technical assessments - setting out the pros and cons of each option. Where helpful, we include maps and other ‘visuals’ to help explain the impacts of different options as this aids the understanding of different scenarios and their impacts. We are experienced in presenting evidence used to underpin minerals and waste local plans in a coherent report format.

In particular, we have developed proven methodologies to estimate baselines, management profiles, forecasts, and assess the suitability of targets and management needs for each waste stream. These methods have been used as part of the evidence base for a number of plans which having been tested at Examination and been found to be sound, including:

  • East Sussex, South Downs and Brighton & Hove Waste and Minerals Local Plan
  • West Sussex Waste Local Plan
  • West London Waste Plan

We have also applied our methodology to update the evidence base of the Oxfordshire Waste Local Plan, the North East Lincolnshire Local Plan and to assist Surrey County Council in its Plan review process.

Data, Evidence & Sustainability Appraisal