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Project Management

Effective project management is essential to ensuring that the preparation of a planning application stays on track. BPP Consultancy’s project management support includes the following:


  1. Preparation and maintenance of a project plan which involves the following:
    • Identifying workstreams, key tasks associated with those workstreams, and their dependencies.
    • Estimating how long each task will take, allocating appropriate resources and setting deadlines.
  2. Assessing risks to the project and identifying appropriate mitigations in discussion with the client. This may include preparation of a risk register.
  3. Regular communications with the project team.
  4. Monitoring progress and updating task lists and the project plan
  5. Advising on, and implementing, corrective actions to keep the project on track.

Client updates are usually a key part of project management; we have experience in arranging these, taking account of the fact that our clients have many other demands of their time.

Project Management