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    Welcome to BPP Consulting

    Call: +44 (0) 1342 825300

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    Welcome to BPP Consulting

    Waste and Resources Planning Professionals

    BPP Consulting is an alliance of waste and environmental planning practitioners offering a responsive, reliable and high quality Waste and Resources Planning Consultancy services to the public and private sectors

    Call: +44 (0) 1342 825300

Home - Public Sector

Public Sector

We provide support to the public sector across the waste and minerals planning spectrum - including policy development and development management support. We are able to deploy skilled resources at short notice; helping to fill staffing gaps to ensure critical tasks are completed to deadline.

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Home - Private sector

Private Sector

We provide bespoke solutions to help private sector clients achieve their aims, be it a planning permission, influencing local or national policy, or preparing robust evidence to support their development proposals. We have a network of trusted associates that work with this to ensure that the right set of skills is applied to each project.

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About Us

At BPP Consulting, UK waste and resources planning consultancy, we are committed to achieving client satisfaction. We understand that communication is key to ensuring projects proceed as required and that output quality meets client expectations. As a small partnership, we guarantee that skilled and experienced professionals undertake commissioned work to the high standard that clients expect.

Due to our low overheads BPP Consulting is able to offer highly competitive rates for senior staff. We are also flexible; responding rapidly to client requests with very short lead-in times and tight delivery deadlines. Working with fellow senior professionals ensures high quality outputs as draft material undergoes rigorous internal review.

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